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    Would you feel better if I just added 'Cheesy' as a middle name instead of replacing Everett? Every time you call...
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    Your poor parents will be so sad to hear that you’ve decided to change your middle name to something more in the...
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    Oh, look. Little me!

Hello, I'm Chris Colfer, but I'm sure you know me better from my life-changing performance as Drama Dog #2 in Marmaduke. Or perhaps you know me best as Kurt Hummel from a little circus of a show called Glee. I'm twenty-one years old and honestly, my life is kind of like an awkward visit from the kid's table while awaiting a History Channel special.

A few months ago I finished my baby project - Struck by Lightning, a script I wrote many eons ago in a land far far away. My name has become very slash worthy recently - actor, writer, producer, and llama farmer. Okay, I don't own my own llama farm - yet, but I will.

I am currently dating a Hobbit named Darren Criss, who found a home in my pocket and now my heart.

Beyond that - I'm currently in the midst of the insanity that is Glee season three with some of my best friends in the entire world. It's to infinity and beyond from here - so may the force be with you.

My Hobbit || The RP

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